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I trained until March 2018 at the Guild of Analytical Psychologists (GAP) where I reached stage 2 of the training that authorised me to practise with private clients. I have now decided to complete my training at the CG Jung Institute in Switzerland (while continuing to be based in London), to follow my inclination for a more multi-and cross-cultural environment and vision of the human psyche.

Before starting the GAP training as a Jungian analyst, I trained for two years at Metanoia in the Person Centred approach.

I also worked for a year as honorary counsellor at the Metanoia low-cost clinic and at the Enfield Women's Centre.

Since June 2015 I have been working as an honorary psychotherapist at the South London and Maudsley Hospital trust in the CIPTS unit in Croydon.

The CG Jung Institute training

The training at the CG Jung Institute is 4 to 8 years long.  The trainees are required to see a (Jungian) psychotherapist once a week for the whole duration of the training, after having worked on one’s own development for a minimum of 50 hours of individual psychotherapy.

The training offers a multicultural and multilingual background that enables the therapist to work within different cultural settings.

In addition, many hours of the training are spent on academic learning in relation to Jungian theories and many other approaches to psychotherapy. We are also required to complete a six-month clinical placement, where we observe the work in a Mental Health Unit to better understand the system in which people with mental health problems find support.

The length and depth of the training offers the best guarantee for those who want to approach psychotherapeutic work, because it aims not only to ensure a well-rounded knowledge of the subject matter, but also to ensure that the therapist is in full awareness of himself and of his reactions to others, whilst developing the capacity to listen with precision and to manage potential interferences with the therapist’s own internal processes.

My background

I have an Italian MSc-equivalent degree in Economics, and before opting for a change of career and vocation I worked in finance for 25 years.

Since 2009 I have completed a 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training, and have embarked on the journey that has led me to become a Jungian analyst.